iBlocker Pro (BlackBerry)

  • Description

    iBlocker Pro is a Call Block application that helps you block any unwanted incoming calls made from private individuals, robot or automated calls, marketing personnel, telesales, both locally and overseas.

    iBlocker Pro offers the great flexibility to user by providing an excellent black-listing and white-listing feature that enables you pre-define a list of numbers you would like to either reject or accept.

    Besides blocking pre-defined numbers, iBlocker Pro also provides another hazard-free feature that allows users to apply various types of blockings. For instance, users could simply choose to block all incoming calls or only blacklisted numbers.

    As a highly customized tool, iBlocker Pro even further offers a time-based blocking feature that would trigger the blocking for a scheduled time. Without compromising on the human touch factor between the caller and the user, iBlocker Pro also provides features like auto-reply-SMS and Send-to-Voice-Mail to the caller after the call has been blocked.

    To protect your security and privacy, the iBlocker Pro includes a password protector to allow you to set your own password to protect your privacy and prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing it. All the blocked history which includes blocked number, name, date, and time will be accurately captured and clearly listed down on the blocked log. Hence, you can select SMS or reply call to your blocked number directly from blocked log.

    For user’s record tracking, the total number of blocked calls and auto-replied SMS will also be captured in a report. Moreover, user is also given option to select Grid views or List views for the interface of iBlocker Pro, based on personal user interface preference.

  • Features

    1. Black List and White List are available to allow you to define the numbers to block, or accept.

    2. Block the calls by prefix or suffix numbers.

    3. Block Private Calls and Unknown Calls.

    4. Only Accept Numbers in Address book mode.

    5. Block call is supported during call waiting mode.

    6. Integrates with your Message, Address book and Phone Call Log so that you can easily add the Black List or White List number from there.

    7. Flexible blocking methods which can be customized based on your needs.

    8. Send the blocked caller to voicemail or silently drop the call.

    9. Time Schedule allows you to schedule the time to block calls.

    10. Auto SMS Responder helps you to send a pre-draft message to the blocked caller.

    11. Password Protector helps you to prevent unauthorized access to the iBlocker Pro.

    12. Easily trace back the blocked history that includes name, number, date and time. Besides that, you can directly make a phone call or send a SMS to the blocked caller by a simple click.

    13. Report shows you the current status of the iBlocker Pro, total black listed numbers, total white listed numbers, blocked calls summary and auto SMS summary.

    14. Switchable between Grid view and List view.



BlackBerry App World

1. Open the BlackBerry App World application from your device.

2. Click "Search".

3. Key in "iBlocker Pro".

4. Wait until see the application.

5. Click on the iBlocker Pro.

6. Click "Download".